Thursday 19th January 2017

Latest Developments

Happy New Year

9th January 2017

A happy and prosperous 2017.
We're just back (a little later than planned) from a break, but most orders placed over the holiday season are ready to go out and should be with you later this week.
The new website is progressing well, and will be with you soon.
Now, long emails are boring, so I'm sending another one in a few minutes with some important news about our new Trading Policy - we think you'll approve!
Best regards,
Jim & Elspeth Grindlay

What our new website will mean to you.

9th January 2017

Once fully in operation, the new MODELMASTER.UK Website will have the following new features:-
1) Integration with Apple and Android Tablets & Phones,for easier, faster ordering.
2) The reintroduction of the entire range of N Gauge (2mm Scale) Decals and Nameplates for both members and non-members of the N Gauge Society.
3) The latest in HTTPS Online Security. The best available to keep you safe while connected to us.
4) Additional secure ways of paying for your order.
5) Improved Stock Control, will mean less delays to orders.
6) Far more products will be illustrated, so that you can see what you're getting (this will take a few months, possibly until mid-2018, to complete, but new illustrations WILL be added almost daily until completed)
7) We will no longer be supplying any Shops, Resellers or Wholesalers with our products. This reduces margins and will help keep prices down during what is likely to be an 'interesting' year, with both Brexit and Exchange Rates influencing us all for the forseeable future. Thankfully, EVERYTHING we sell is made in the United Kingdom, so we're not so exposed to higher overseas price increases as we might have been.
8) Overseas sales of more than £50 net of postage will be V.A.T. free from the 1st of March 2017. (Subject to H.M.R.C conditions being satisfied)
9) There will be an online MESSAGE BOARD for those of you looking to purchase or exchange model related items that you cannot find advertised.
If you have any comments, please email, and NO other email address. cannot be monitored or replied to, so please don't try to use it.
Likewise,, is solely and exclusively for product orders - anything else sent here is destroyed by the spam monsters. So please use exclusively for your comments!

Our Products

We supply a complete range of 4mm Scale Modelling Requirements and a limited range of 7mm Decals. Click here for a complete list of the Product Lines available.

Buying Online

Our recommended method of buying and payment is Online by Credit/Debit Card via the Secure Site which we use. This is the easiest and quickest way to obtain your Order.

Some Product Illustrations are shown below:

Loco Identity Packs

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More Illustrations to follow


Mail Order

Other Information

Phone us on 01292 289770 if you would like more information on any topic.